Weezie’s Pinwheels


*Now preserved with natural vitamin ‘E”

I’m Weezie, but mommy calls me “Weedie the Weirdo”! I like to nap in the bathroom with the lights out, or in the sun in the driveway. Toys? I don’t play with them – just guard them! I’m finicky about being petted most days, but love to be cuddled at bedtime. Me moody? Well, mommy knows me, and makes a special treat with two flavors at once! Great any time…Any mood.

Contains whole-wheat flour, oat flour, soy flour, cornmeal, powdered dry milk, eggs, vegetable oil, unsulfured molasses, brown sugar, chicken bouillon, fresh carrots, salt and garlic powder

*New* Latch-Top Tin keeps biscuits fresh longer, looks great on the kitchen shelf. Order economical refill bags to keep in full!

  • Available in 8oz, Paw Prints tin, Latch-Top (order large tin from “TINS” page)
  • 2 Recipes rolled into one
  • Lots of healthy ingredients
  • You can see the fresh carrot pieces
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Do Not store airtight

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