JUDY RYAN Paw Presents

“Received my order today & I am very pleased! The PupCakes smell SO good (it’s tempting) & look so cute with the bone candle attached! Your packaging for the Smackers & Cheddar Bites are really cute too & I know I’ll be pleased with the wholesome quality of your products. Looking forward to continued business with you! Thanks again!”


My English Bulldog, Vegas loves the treats we ordered from you! The PB&J, pumpkin crackers, pizza & cake in a jar are absolutely too cute! Vegas is allergic to many things, even humans! She takes shots multiple times a month. It was so nice to find treats that are free of the additives she is allergic to. When I brought the box in from the mail today, her little nubby tail was bouncing from side to side. The items smell so yummy! Thank you very much for packaging the order so well and for the super fast shipping. You have earned our business from this point forward. Have a happy day!


The doorstop is wonderful. It arrived this morning and we are so pleased with it. You do great work. Thanks. We know our kids will love it.


I’ve been meaning to call you for some time now and let you know I think the samples you sent are great! I’ve been telling everyone about these items and they are anxious to see them.


I just wanted to let you know how much my dog LOVES your biscuits! He’s been running up to me and doing tricks or begging to go out so he can get a treat when he comes back in (he doesn’t even go off the porch, I put his leash on and he walks right back up to the door!). I don’t know your secret but these biscuits are great! Thanks so much!


Harley is eating the cake now. We’re saving the pizza for when I get pizza delivered. I think I just may order more of the cakes for every month of his birthday. Thanks again.


Our office dog is very picky and really likes your PB cookies. That is high praise!

CARI WALLING (and Takai, Toshi, Halo & Sandi)

“Simply wanted to thank you for your wonderful service. A few months ago, I ordered a pupcake to celebrate my dog’s birthday. He absolutely loved it and so did his brother and sisters! So, a few days ago, I purchased several items from Blissful Biscuits to give to friends and their pooches as Christmas gifts. My order arrived in two days and was carefully packaged. It seems that customer service is not important to many people anymore and I thought it would be nice to express my appreciation for your company. “ Thanks Again!

CAROL BROWN Pawsitively Natural

Sold 3 Pupcakes as soon as I unpacked them so I know that will be a great item for me. Get them out asap. Thanks.

ALAN CARUBA - Editor - www.

“Susan Jacobs has decided to become an author and publisher with Meggie the Pup’s Summer Adventure a spiral bound little book that will take a beating as an early readers enjoys its story about a sweet Sheltie pup and its adventures in a big new world. It has already drawn a lot of praise from educators and others who know what works in a book that will get kids reading.”


“Hi Susan, I just wanted to tell you that Buttercup absolutely loves your treats. She was begging me like crazy for more… especially the pizza treats. 🙂 I only gave her one of the fat free treats because she had already had three of the pizza treats, however, she seemed to really like it as well. ”


My inlaws just gave us some of your mini treats and our dogs loved them. How do you make them so small? Anyways thanks for a great product! Karl My Jack adores the peanut butter and pumpkin biscuits that you made……had to get him off of the wheat and corn……THANK YOU! I will re-order soon! Mostly, thanks, it means the world to give my boy something he loves and isn’t allergic too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Received the package already….. thank you so much…. How did you do that? Less than 24 hour service…and I said there was no hurry…how fast could you get them delivered if there WAS a rush on ???


Milo had his doggie birthday party and shared the birthday cake in a jar with all the party dogs – I heard Atlanta had a howling good time!!!!! Thanks for your help in getting the order I messed up in perfect order and on its way. Nice to do business with people who make the extra effort and DO want my business. The next time Milo or another of my dog friends need something special, I will surely think of you guys!!!!


Our dog is terribly allergic to wheat, so your biscuits are a God send. I love your dogs, by the way. The closeup of Weezie is priceless.


I want to thank you for making these- I have a dog with Protein Loosing Entrophy and she can have only a limited amount of fat- these have been so wonderful for her. Most treats have way too much fat and she can’t have them.


Thanks again for the donation of the great gift baskets. They raised $43 for Furrever Friends Rescue. Everyone who purchased an item expressed their dogs love for the products! Hopefully your kindness is rewarded with repeat customers!!! Thanks again!


“Just wanted to tell you my sister received the door stop yesterday and she is absolutely THRILLED by it. Several people at her work wanted to know where they could get one, so hopefully you will hear from them. I gave her the brochure you included in the box. Thanks again for this.”

GRETCHEN a.k.a. Luna's Mom

Sue…thanks so much for your helping Santa get those wonderful gifts out to those cocker puppers…..5 of the six have let me know they’ve them and I’m sure the last one will be there soon….they all love them. Thank you again and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

ELIZABETH THATCHER – Salem Storybook Museum

“Sue Jacobs is truly a creative and innovative illustrator for children’s story books. Her work is simple and yet evocative for the inquiring mind of a child.”


“Thank you for sending my order so quickly. I found the story and illustrations most enjoyable.”

JAMIE – Microsoft Online Customer Representative

“I took a quick peek at your site and have to say it looks marvelous! Your site is professional and pleasing to the eye.”

Dr. Kathleen Kain, scientist and educator Children’s Educational Co-op/ Dr. Kain’s Science Spiders

“My daughter Teri thought your book was great. Following is our collective review: “Meggie the Pup’s summer Adventure” is a delightful adventure for dog lovers of all ages. The inventive and funny story is written in a way that makes you want to read more. And it vies you a great look inside you dog’s emotions. Recommended both for reading to young children and for children who are starting to read.”


“Thanks so much for all those biscuits. Nisa and Elmo have never been happier.”


“The dogs loved the biscuits, I’ll have to remember to order some more. I think they are good for the ‘ring’.


“I read most of your web page and I am sooo glad somebody else cares as much about what goes into their dogs as I do.”